Inspiring Words & Messages

The act of giving is always greatly improved upon when we add some words to go with our gift. Those words can be simple, or elaborate – the length of the message is not what’s important; it is the meaning conveyed that counts. Below is a list of Inspiring Words and Messages to help you add that extra touch to your floral gift. All occasions are catered for, and below this list are some further hints and ideas regarding the giving and sending of flowers. We hope that these words and ideas will help to enhance the joy and pleasure, or gratitude felt by the special person who is receiving your gift.

• For all these years you have been my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. 
• Every year is better - sweeter than the last. 
• Celebrating US! 
• I’d do it again…and again…and again! 
• I fall in love with you over and over again. 
• Happy anniversary to my lover, my partner, my best friend. 
• You make my heart smile. Happy Anniversary.
• Still looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
• Pink is for our friendship; white is for our love; red is for our passion; and green is for the envy I’d feel without you by my side.
• For my darling wife/husband with appreciation for the happiness we share in our marriage.
• You are my endless love; you have dressed my hopes and my dreams with rainbows and brought sunshine to my life.

• Celebrating you! 
• Wishing you a year filled with the same joy you bring to others. 
• You’re not getting older…you’re getting better. 
• May today be filled with sunshine, smiles, laughter and love. 
• These flowers are sent with love and wishes for the happiest of birthdays.
• Because today is your special day, I wanted to say I Love You.
• On your birthday, may all the kindness you have been giving away be returned to you today.
• Like fine wine, you improve each year. 

Cheer up 
• Thinking of you!
• May things get better soon.
• Sending sunny thoughts to brighten your day.
• Hope this brightens your day! 
• Sending you a floral hug. 

• Congratulations on one of your best moments. 
• This calls for a celebration. 
• Congratulations-you did it!

Father’s Day
• Thank you for being my Father and my friend. 
• You’re the best! 
• Thanks for all you do. Happy Father’s Day. 
• Take time to enjoy your favourite things…you deserve it 
Get Well
• Hoping these flowers brighten not only your room, but also your heart today. 
• Good health starts with a happy heart. Hope these flowers start the job! 
• Hope you’re feeling better soon. 
• I heard that you were feeling ill, with headaches, fever and a chill. So I sent these flowers to cheer you up, brighten your day and restore your pluck. Get well soon!
• Hope you’re back on your feet again soon.
• I hope these ruin a perfectly bad day.

Just Because
• The pure joy of the unexpected can be a source of wonder to me! 
• For the best reason of all…none. 
• May your day be as wonderful as you are! 
• Friends we are, Friends we’ll be, Friends forever – You and Me.
• Just to let you know you are in my thoughts.
• A bunch so pretty yet one so bright, for one who shines and gives me light.

Love and Romance
• All my love 
• If there’s one thing I love, it’s you!
• You take my breath away…today and everyday. 
• Like these flowers, you are rare, precious and beautiful.
• Always and forever, Love (insert name) 
• Flowers today. Fireworks tonight! 
• A bouquet of beautiful blooms for my beautiful lady.
• I’m delivering you a kiss to last all week.
• Because you are beautiful to me. 
• You’re my friend, you’re my lover, and for me there is no other.
• Every time you look at these flowers, know that someone is thinking of you.

Mother’s Day
• You’re the best! 
• Hope your day is sunshine and flowers with happy thoughts to fill the house. 
• Mum, thank you for always being there. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day 
• Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life…and today it is you!

New Baby
• Congratulations and enjoy the years together! 
• Another miracle in this world. Welcome!
• A little one brings so much fun. Congratulations! 
• We share in the celebration of the new life you have created.
• Congratulations! Another footy/rugby (whatever) player to add to the team.

• Please accept these flowers and hear the words we are not able to speak. 
• My thoughts and prayers are with you. 
• Thinking of you in these difficult times. 
• May the wonderful memories of love and happy moments shared together, comfort you now and in the days ahead. We're sharing your sorrow. 
• We send our sincere condolences to you and your family. 
• Time will ease your sorrow, but your memories will last forever. 
• In loving memory of ………. He/she will be greatly missed by all.
• Remember the good times and cherish your memories.
• Always loved and remembered.
• Our heartfelt sympathy to you in your time of loss.
• Our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Our deepest sympathies.
• Just to let you know I/we am/are thinking of you at this time. 
• ……. was a big part of our lives, and will remain a bigger part of our memories.
• To dear ………, our deepest sympathy to you all for the loss of …………He/she was a truly wonderful gentleman/lady. With our fond memories of him/her he/she will always be remembered.
• Tears in my eyes I can wipe away, but the ache in my heart is here to stay. Goodnight Mother/Father, sleep peacefully.
• May you find comfort in the love of family and friends. We are here if you need us – just call.
• Thinking of you in your time of grief. We are sharing your loss.
• You lived well, laughed often and were much loved, and will always remain in our hearts. 
• Some people come into our lives and quietly go. Others stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never quite the same.

Thank you
• For everything you do for me/us. It is greatly appreciated.
• For all your wonderful help. We couldn’t have done it without you!
• For looking after the house/dog/budgie etc while we were away.
• For being there when I/we needed you most and for your support and love
• Thank you for your ongoing support 
• Thanks for being on my team. Good job!
• Keep up the great work! 
• Your hard work and dedication are appreciated today and all the year.
• For all your kind thoughts and help during this difficult time.

Thinking of You (Easter & Christmas)
• Tucked inside these flowers are thoughts from afar. 
• Every time you look at these flowers…know that someone far away is thinking of you. 
• Blowing you a kiss from across the miles. 
• Wish I/we was/were there.    Miss you!    
• Sending you a floral hug.                       
• Missing you and sending you my/our love.

Valentine’s Day
• I love you so much I couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day! (For flowers sent before the 14th) 
• Cupid's aim is still pretty good. 
• Now that you have my attention – can I have yours?
• Knowing you calls for a celebration. Happy Valentine’s Day.
• Today’s a very special day for sending all my love your way!
• Do you want to be my girl?
• 1 Rose – 1 second, 2 roses – 1 minute, 3 roses – 1 hour, 4 roses – 1 day, 5 roses – 1 week, 6 roses – 1 month, 7 roses – 1 year, 8 roses – 1 decade, 9 roses – 1 millennium, 10 roses – 1 lifetime, 11 roses – 1 universe. 12 roses are all I have to offer. Are you willing to take a risk?

Hints and ideas for sending flowers:
Be spontaneous!
To really make her feel special, surprise her! Women are used to receiving flowers on their anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. These are obvious times – so do the unexpected and send flowers for no reason other than "I am thinking of you". It will make a much bigger impact. For the greatest impact send them to her at work – the other staff members will be envious and you will be greatly praised and much appreciated for your thoughtfulness.

Flowers don’t have to mean commitment!
Traditionally RED roses mean love and romance, so giving these will be seen as that. However, you can alter this by clearly indicating your thoughts and intentions on your card message. Red roses can be given for other occasions too. Flowers and roses of other colours do not have this romantic meaning attached, so you can choose something else easily. If you want to send a specific meaning then look at our Language of Flowers page for ideas (and indicate the meaning in your card message), or just send a mixed bunch to be on the safe side.

Send something different
There is a multitude of flower varieties available. Send flowers of an unusual colour, or shape and form. Try something you’ve never had before; instead of sending their favourite choice all the time. Be different and surprise them

Sending flowers for all occasions – to all sorts of people
Sending flowers is not just for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, births or deaths. You can show your appreciation and thanks by sending flowers to families, friends, colleagues and business associates. Send flowers to show your encouragement and support, or to send congratulations. Flowers can be given over and over again without losing their special appeal. Every time; every occasion is a flower time.